Spreading Kindness One Square at a Time

When Marcia MacClary retired from Waltham Public Schools she began public relations consulting and joined the Waltham Rotary Club. There she formed a valuable friendship with Glenna Gelineau, owner of Gelineau & Associates Real Estate. Ten years ago Marcia expressed her passion for knitting at a rotary club meeting and Glenna was excited to join her. Glenna took on the role of knitting the squares and Marcia assembles the blanket and adds all the finishing touches. What happened next is how this inspiring story began. What should you do with beautifully hand knitted Afghans and blankets? Glenna Gelineau and Marcia MacClary Donate them to children in shelters who may need some extra comfort. Marcia found MHSA’s Waltham-based family shelter, Mary’s House.

Glenna Gelineau and Marcia MacClary

“I would like to think that maybe our blankets provide some comfort to a child who might feel alone and scared,” said Marcia. She mentioned that her 48 year old son still has his hand knitted blanket from his childhood and Glenna has her blanket that her nana made when she was three years old. One square takes 30 minutes to knit and most Afghans require 30-42 squares. Glenna adds, “It’s very rewarding and I always send positive thoughts and prayers to each child with each square I knit.” This dynamic knitting duo provides six blankets/Afghans per month to Mary’s House and other deserving organizations with appropriate gender, age and color preferences. Marcia fondly recalls taking her grandchildren to deliver blankets to Mary’s House and hopes that someday they will also provide small acts of kindness for those in need. Marcia concludes, “We all need to be comforted and I hope our blankets provide that for children who need it.”

MHSA Mary’s House

Waltham Rotary Club

Gelineau & Associates Real Estate