“I Stay Committed to Myself Every Day”

When you first meet Gregory, you are instantly lured by his sparkly eyes, pearly whites and great big smile. Nine years ago, Gregory was not smiling. A native of Dorchester from a family of nine, Gregory soon slipped into drug and alcohol addiction. Life on the streets was his final stop until he admitted himself into the Hurley House, Waltham for a six-month recovery program. He soon went to a year-long residential graduate house and stayed true to his recovery. He began cleaning the parking lot at Kentucky Fried Chicken and was soon invited to come inside to be a cook. He worked at KFC for five years during his road to recovery, while saving money and staying committed to his church and support groups. Gregory says, “It’s so important to reach out for help, because we’re all the same and people will help you.”

One day Gregory was approached by a Hurley House employee and was asked if he would be interested in working as the cook for the Hurley House. He was excited to return to the haven where his journey began. “I love my job,” Gregory commented. “Part of my recovery is talking with the men in the program who feel lost and confused. I was there too, but you need to believe in yourself.” Overcoming his substance use disorder makes Gregory feel that he is “not a lost soul anymore, I love my clean and sober life,” said Gregory. Gregory recently got married to a woman

he met during his recovery. He and his wife Linda reside in an apartment in Waltham and enjoy travelling to the tropics and spending holidays with his son and grandchild, Gregory Daughtry III. “Finally, I am at peace with my life,” concluded Gregory.

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