Welcome message from our CEO

Waltham, MA – On behalf of everyone here at MHSA, thank you for visiting our completely redesigned, revamped and reimagined website. Central to the new site is our goal to accurately and publicly represent MHSA’s impact on the community, as well as to reflect the vibrancy, courage and dynamic nature of our clients, staff and partners.

Over the course of several months, we listened to the feedback of stakeholders from every level of the Agency, including our direct care staff, managers, Administrative Team and Board of Directors. Armed with this valuable information, we did everything in our power to match the content of our website with the incredible good being done at each MHSA program and department.

For partners, participants and community members alike, I hope that you will find our website informative, engaging and accurate. I also hope that you will identify our website as embodying the compassion and professionalism with which MHSA fulfills its mission, every single day.

Among its newest features, you will see our website’s updated program descriptions, high-quality photographs and even more ways to get involved. You will also be able to learn about MHSA’s history and latest news while navigating our new layout and benefitting from an enhanced overall user experience.

Please know that we value and encourage your feedback. I invite you to use the online messaging forms built into the website to contact our Development Department or Main Office, should you have any feedback, suggestions or questions.

Thank you for continuing to support MHSA and its many deserving clients. Thank you for helping us to treat those within our communities with dignity, respect and empowerment, just as our Agency’s founders did nearly 40 years ago. Thank you for showing an interest in what we do, and hopefully, spreading the word about how MHSA positively touches the lives of so many thousands of individuals, families, children and community members each year.

With appreciation, gratitude and excitement for the future,

Robert Mills

Chief Executive Officer